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Venue Rental

A Sanctuary For New Visions

ifarm’s pristine buildings and gardens are available for private events, off-site meetings, and leadership retreats.

ifarm is forty minutes north of Boston, right off Route 95.

Each of our venues, listed below, are nestled in the Boxford State Forest, with access to extensive trails and gorgeous views of Towne Pond.

Clients can access our incredible partners, including organic caterers, equine facilitators, strategic facilitators, and even a zen myozen.

ifarm's extensive permaculture gardens are the largest in Massachusetts, a home to over two hundred varieties of flowers and culinary herbs.

iFarm by sky_040

Schedule an Event

You can click the button below to schedule a private event at the farm.

Leadership Retreats

Click the link below to learn more about our Leadership Retreats

Our Venues

The Farmhouse

The farmhouse is the heart of ifarm. This restored 19th-century building is airy and bright, an ideal haven for private groups and leadership retreats. It gazes out over Towne Pond and is suitable for groups of up to 25 people.

The Carriage House

Our Carriage House was originally built to house the wagons and carriages of the Towne family. It has an open floor plan perfect for groups of up to 45 people. During warmer seasons, the wide doors can open onto the farm and state forest.

The Barn

Our barn is an open space suitable for large group gatherings, up to 75 people, during warmer seasons of the year. It has large sliding doors which open on both sides for views of the farm and a peaceful pond. We often host festivals, movies, and bands in the barn over the summer.