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The Salem Spice Festival

The Salem Spice Festival

The Salem Spice Festival, Sepember 10-11, is an annual event celebrating Salem’s history with spices, herbs, and tea. These commodities are part of a tapestry that stretches around the world. The desire to establish trade routes for pepper and tea drove explorers in the Age of Discovery around the Cape of Good Hope and to discover the Americas. Our own forebears defied The Tea Act in 1773, which sparked the Boston Tea Party and led to the American Revolution. Spices, teas, and taste buds are serious business!

image of old restored farmhouse in New England fall colors

Pioneer Village, image courtesy of Salem Pioneer Village

The festival is free to attend and hosts a gathering of musicians, storytellers, scholars, and local artisans selling spices, teas, and culinary and medicinal herbs. There are historical exhibits, art shows, and a 17th Century food tasting contest. In short, ifarm will fit right in! We will have twenty of our spice and herb preparations as free samples, including lavender sachets, culinary herb blends, Hops pillows, lip balms, and Calendula salves. All are straight from our permaculture garden. Come by our booth to pick something out!

The Spice Festival is held in the Pioneer Village, a living history museum in Salem. The village sits on three acres of land and contains many examples of colonial architecture: dugouts, wigwams, thatched roof cottages, and the Governor’s Faire House. Culinary and medicinal gardens and a blacksmith shop further demonstrate early 17th-century colonial life.

Connecting the Past and the Present

We love cross sections between the past and the present; the ways that people are connected to those who came before. The Salem Spice Festival is a great example of that connection. Our taste buds are the same now as they were three hundred years ago and having a little spice in life is still important! By the same token, sharing food (or spice) with others is an important part of the health and joy of cooking. We love the opportunity these events offer to connect with the people and places that share timeless passions: It’s a big part of why we do what we do! Come say hello!

The Salem Spice Festival is September 10th and 11th at Pioneer Village, Forest River Park, 98 West Avenue, Salem, MA.

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