Straight From the Horses Mouth - ifarm LLC
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Straight From the Horses Mouth

Photo of Patch, our draft horse, as part of a farm-education program.

Straight From the Horses Mouth

Hello all,

It’s certainly been an eventful summer. Pitch and I have been field-jumping Boxford like true grazers, finding all the good greens, but we have been back at ifarm for a month or so now. There are always things going on here, people moving back and forth, picking things up, putting things down, going one way, then the other, then back again… it’s hilarious.


The sheep are our newest unexpected diversion.

Sheep at ifarm garden

Just an innocent sheep flock, right?

Who knew sheep were comedians? So small, and so deviously comic.

Pitch and I could watch the people herd them all day long. It is actually like watching someone herding devilish cats. Hilarious. They wait for people to approach, looking so fluffy and innocent. Those little wool-rats pause until people have gotten confident that all is well. Then they explode in all directions, like dandelion seeds. It is immaculate timing. I’ve never seen such chaotic and crooked herd coordination before. They bunk right next to Pitch and I, and let me tell you, they think it’s pretty funny too.

That is great.

But they are diverting our treat flow. That’s not so great. People only have so many treats to give, you know? Who knew that sheep so small could eat so much? I don’t know where it goes, all they grow is wool and sad little horns. They are basically useless. They don’t even reach my fetlocks and they get more carrots than I do.


Ah, the garden. Never far from our thoughts. Such a combination of flavors. The garden has come to that point of exploding with color and life. There are hundreds of different plants in those two acres. I don’t understand what my people are doing in there! They walk and water, dig and harvest, then carry all the food elsewhere! I rarely see them eating any of it!

image of ifarm permaculture garden

Look at all those lovely plants!

The deer slip in and out of the garden at night.. Sometimes I tell them off, but honestly, I don’t have the heart. It is such a lovely garden it deserves appreciation. Especially when the people are so focused on not eating it.

It is high time for another intervention. Next time we switch fields I may just take a little detour and have a fine old time, show them all proper garden party behavior. I will demonstrate the most fashionable way to defoliate a kale or nibble a lettuce. I was taught by the best and I am a good teacher: thick as my people are, surely they will understand in time. They really can’t stop me from going anywhere anyway; I just listen to be considerate. But this, this is in their own best interest.

That is really the only rock throwing my shoe. Otherwise, not too much to report. It is a good time of year. Things are in that hazy, relaxed, late-summer mood. Everyone is satisfied from the full harvest and the good eating, the bugs are leaving, and the cooler temperatures are rolling in. We are ready for the geese to start singing to us at night, and the clear starry skies.

See you all in September.