Straight From the Draft Horses Mouth - ifarm LLC
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Straight From the Draft Horses Mouth

Straight From the Draft Horses Mouth

Hello Folks,

This time of year, life is simple for intelligent horses like Pitch and I, with humans wrapped around our hooves.

The farm has been busy! The humans are moving like mice! In and out, up and down, over and back, they are certainly preparing something elaborate. They are even building a little house! If it were any other animal, I would say they were preparing for winter. But they aren’t. I know these people. These preparations are for something large, bright, and immediate, and they will be laughing all the while.

Pitch and Patch, Our two draft horses, grazing by the pond in their pasture.

These humans. They get some things right and others so wrong! They are elaborate in all the wrong places. Always building things up around themselves. I will never understand it. It’s not about the stall or the barn. It’s the herd connection and the quality of food that is important.

I have to admit, they do occasionally form a nice herd. We have seen them prepare like this in the past: there is a big herd coming, a large group of people. A herd a hundred strong at least. It should be fun, with people gawking at us, making the oddest noises, and offering a variety of treats. Pitch and I have played this game before.

I also have to admit that they have a lot of food. I can smell it. New things are brought in every day. It is a relief to see people actually harvesting from the garden, rather than spending all their time digging, moving dirt, and throwing water around. Honestly. Gardens are places of dining and rumination, not mud baths. I am relieved they have finally begun to take things a little more seriously.

Of course, Pitch and I will keep an eye on things and make sure they don’t get out of hand. You know how humans can get in large groups. They are like adolescent foals sometimes, full of vigor and out to make some noise. We will see that they contain themselves somewhat. It’s good that they are small.

And lastly… there has been rain! Finally some rain. This drought was starting to wear on us. How beautiful to watch the pond fill, to see the plants drinking up water and becoming more vibrant by the moment. It is best when the wild neighborhood is contented.

Otherwise, not too much to report. Time moves on.

Be good everybody.