Private Workshops - ifarm LLC
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Private Workshops


A Sanctuary for Beautiful Experiences

ifarm’s gorgeous spaces and skilled instructors are your invitation to leave the hustle behind. 

ifarm offers workshop and tour experiences for private groups in our farmhouse, carriage house, barn, and gardens. You can scroll below to see our offerings. Some workshops we offer include:


  • Floral Bouquet Bar with ifarm flowers.
  • Soapmaking with ifarm herbs.
  • Permaculture Workshops for Garden Clubs.
  • Horse Drawn Wagon Rides for families.
Margi Flint Workshop

Private Workshops

Floral Bouquet Bar

ifarm’s expert florist will provide your group with a sumptuous selection of organic cut flowers in different colors, shapes, sizes, and scents. Your creativity will take care of the rest! Bring your favorite vases!


Season: June 21st to September 15th

Soap Making Workshop

Come learn to make natural, fragrant soaps in our bright farmhouse. In this hands-on class participants will mix and mould soaps in a variety of luscious scents, and take away ten fresh bars of soap in different fragrances!


Season: Year Round

Draft Horse Wagon Rides

We offer horse-drawn wagon rides and sleigh rides with our team of draft horses, Pitch and Patch. These outings provide a unique opportunity to meet our draft horses and travel through the New England countryside in 19th-century style.


Season: Year Round

Dried Flower Wreath Workshop

Join us in ifarm’s historic carriage house to make a beautiful dried flower wreath. We will provide instruction and materials, including a beautiful selection of organic dried flowers (hand grown at ifarm).


Season: September 1st to January 1st
Dried Flower Wreath

Holiday Centerpiece Workshop

Come and craft a beautiful, personal centerpiece for the holidays. Your group will have a wide selection of dried flowers, boughs, and herbs from this region, to craft a centerpiece that reflects the local landscape and your unique visions.


Season: September 1st to January 1st

Gardening Workshops

Garden Tour

The garden tour includes our organic permaculture garden, cut flower gardens, hoop house, compost system, and fragrant medicinal herb processing facilities. It walks visitors through ifarm’s operations and offers practical tips on gardening.


Season: May 1st to October 15th

Introduction to Permaculture

In this workshop, ifarm’s head permaculturist will teach your group how to design a garden (of any size) that mimics a forest, which conserves water, captures light on multiple levels, resists disease, and develops a healthy soil.


Season: May 1st to October 15th

Flower Cutting Garden Workshop

The Flower Cutting Garden Workshop will teach your group both traditional and permaculture approaches to raising a vibrant, colorful, productive cut flower garden that you can harvest throughout the growing season. 


Season: May 1st to October 15th