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New Farm-Based Education Program – Fall Fun and Fairy Houses

Fall Fun and Fairy Houses Farm Based Education: Boys exploring the woods together

New Farm-Based Education Program – Fall Fun and Fairy Houses

ifarm will be hosting a new farm-based education program for preschoolers (ages 3-5) in November, Fall Fun and Fairy Houses.

After our last program, Sheep, Frogs, Flowers, and Fun, ended the parents unanimously asked about the possibility of a second program. The kids loved the structure! Our approach has planned adventures like visiting the animals, capturing insects, and exploring the woods, but our priority is to allow the children to discover their innate curiosity and inspiration. There are always art supplies ready for use and we are flexible to take their ideas into account.

Farm-Based Education: A young girl meeting chickens

The Advantage of Educating on the Farm

The major feedback we received from parents is that our style is different from the experience these children have at school. Even in preschool there are agendas that teachers need to get to. The children need to sit for much of the day.

There are cognitive tests and assessments to be made. There are parent-teacher meetings about the intelligence of the child. Parents have to determine when the child is ready for kindergarten. That process is stressful for the children and the parents!

Programs like Fall Fun and Fairy Houses offer a needed balance to the equation. The children are free to be guided by their own inspiration for exploration. There are no intelligence tests to shade our view of what a child is capable of. Perhaps most importantly, the parents (or caregivers) and the children get to explore and play together! That loving bond is an essential element of our programs.

It also doesn’t hurt to have draft horses, sheep, and acres of gardens and wild land!

Fall Fun and Fairy Houses will pick up where Sheep, Frogs, Flowers, and Fun left off. The animals and garden will certainly be involved. However, the late fall program will offer new opportunities for exploration, including talking with migrating geese on the pond, crafting fairy houses, and perhaps even snow angels.

We will be giving a talk on our education philosophy at the Farm-Based Education Network Conference this weekend, learn more here.

You can see our new program Fall Fun and Fairy Houses by clicking the button below.

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