Fresh Flowers - ifarm LLC
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Fresh Flowers


Flowers Grown the Way Nature Intended


ifarm grows over two hundred varieties of organic, specialty-cut flowers and scented herbs in our permaculture gardens.

Flower Bouquet Fridays:

ifarm offers seasonal fresh flowers and scented herbs at our Flower Bouquet Fridays, which are picked up each Friday from June 29th to September 14th. Individuals can pre-order for each week they desire fresh flowers.

Customized Bouquets:

ifarm offers customized seasonal bouquets for individuals and events. You can use the button below to order the flowers you desire.

Flowers For Wholesalers:

Businesses can contact us for wholesale flower inquiries by calling (978) 887-0878 or emailing Orders must be made at least one week in advance of the pick-up date. Wholesalers can sign up for our flower e-newsletter below to get monthly updates on our flower inventory.


Flower E-Newsletter

Individuals and businesses can sign up for monthly updates on our fresh flower inventory.

Flower List

View the ifarm Flower List for details on the flower species and varietals we grow.

ifarm Flowers at a Glance

ifarm grows well over two hundred different flower varietals and scented herbs, giving you unparalleled freedom to mix breathtaking bouquets.

Our organic, specialty-cut flowers are never exposed to pesticides or preservatives: They support the earth and have a much longer vase life than chemically-laden blooms.

We harvest within a day of pick-up and keep harvested flowers well cooled and nourished to ensure freshness.

Each of our flowers is grown in a permaculture environment that supports the earth and our local ecosystem by conserving water, building soil biota, supporting native pollinators, and minimizing runoff.

Flower Gallery