Flower Cutting Garden Workshop - ifarm LLC
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Flower Cutting Garden Workshop


Flower Cutting Garden Workshop

Length: 2 hours

Season: July – end of September

Group Price: $300 if 15 people or less. Otherwise $25 per person.

Capacity: 30 people

Location: Gardens and Carriage House

The Flower Cutting Garden Workshop will teach your group traditional and permaculture approaches to raising a vibrant, colorful, productive cut flower garden. It starts with a tour of the organic ifarm gardens. This includes our established permaculture garden and 1/2 acre of speciality cut flowers. The tour can also include our hoop house, herb processing facilities, and compost system if the group desires.


Following the tour, we will demonstrate the process of preparing a flower bed with a no-till method called “sheet-mulching”. This is a skill that is essential to permaculture and can save a gardener both time and money while improving the soil and earth. After the demonstration, the group will head into our restored 19th-century farmhouse for a presentation on cut flower gardening. It will include:


  • Strategies to ensure you have blooming flowers each month to harvest.
  • A spreadsheet to track the maturing of each flower, so you can plan to have diverse harvests each month.
  • Details for growing challenging flower species (Dahlias, etc)
  • Methods for dealing with pests and deer.
  • Handouts explaining each topic covered in class.
  • How to design a flower garden that reaches all the senses (shapes, smells, colors, etc).
  • Time for specific Q/A


Permaculture Topics will include:

  • How to care for your soil biota via composting, companion planting, and “weed” management, so your plants have healthy immune systems to deal with pests and diseases.
  • Design tips and methods for a self-sustaining garden that needs little watering.
  • Tips for garden design to bring in pollinators.

Flower Cutting Garden Workshop


For more information, contact the Function Manager, Nick Shrewsbury, at 978.887.0878 or the email below