Floral Bouquet Bar - ifarm LLC
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Floral Bouquet Bar


The Floral Bouquet Bar

Length: 2 hours

Season: June 21st to September 15th

Ticket Price: $95 per person

Capacity: 8-12 people

Location: Carriage House

ifarm’s expert florist, Susan McCraine, will provide your group with a sumptuous selection of organic cut flowers in different colors, shapes, sizes, and scents. There will also be accents from woody shrubs and trees native to this area. Your group will have free reign to create unique, personal floral arrangements that are a snapshot of the season.


The flower bar takes place in our open-air carriage house and provides material for each person to make one very large bouquet or several smaller bouquets. Bring your favorite vases!


It is possible for groups to bring beer or wine but it involves additional charges.


We are offering a limited number of private Floral Bouquet Bar experiences. It is highly recommended to reserve a space before June!

Floral Bouquet Bar

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For more information, contact the Function Manager, Nick Shrewsbury, at 978.887.0878 or at the email below.