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DIY Wedding Flowers


Create Wedding Arrangements That Sing

Walk in our gardens with your friends.

Pick seasonal, organic flowers of all colors.

DIY Wedding Flowers

15 guests max.

DIY Wedding Flowers is a peaceful opportunity for wedding parties to stroll our curated gardens and cut fresh, certified organic flowers for their wedding arrangements.

Our package includes a guided tour and design discussion with Emily Round, ifarm’s garden manager and floral designer, and a subsequent harvest day where you will be free to pick the perfect flowers for your special day.

ifarm has both traditional wedding cultivars like zinnias, sweetpeas, and dahlias, as well as wilder species like bee balm, fairy candles, foxglove, and tansy.  

What about a Bridal Bouquet, Boutonniere, and Flower Crown?

If you wish, we can create a bridal bouquet, boutonniere, flower crown or another professional arrangement for you. If you are interested in professional ifarm arrangements, please let us know in our initial discussion. 



Pricing varies because each person will make different choices. Wedding parties have been able to make a bridal bouquet, 10-15 centerpieces, 20 small accent pieces (cocktail table arrangements), and a boutonniere for between $500 and $800. For comparison, that same amount (with the same flowers) would be (conservatively!) $2,600 from a professional wedding florist. 

DIY Wedding Flowers:

Consultation and Tour Fee: $150

Minimum Flower Order: $200 (Flowers are $1.50 per stem, with a few special exceptions)

Professional ifarm Arrangements:

Bridal Bouquet: $175-300

Flower Crown: $65-85

Boutonniere: $20-30

Boutonniere and Bouquet Class (1 hour): $100

Ready to Create Your Arrangements?

Send us a few details about your floral vision!

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