Announcing ifarm's New Flower Gardens! - ifarm LLC
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Announcing ifarm’s New Flower Gardens!

Announcing ifarm’s New Flower Gardens!

The latest phase of ifarm’s development plan is ready: This Spring we put in over 4,000 organic cut flowers in all shapes, scents, colors, and sizes! There are some rare, sought-after flowers like Lisianthus and Salvia along with traditional blooms like Asters, Dahlias, and Zinnias. We also have some fun additions that include scented blossoms, vines, and herbs.

These organic flowers are one more way you can connect with ifarm- They will be available in several ways (listed below!) Our flowers have no exposure to pesticides or preservatives of any kind. Each flower will have a significantly longer vase life than chemical-laden flowers from the grocery store.

The blooms will be available for purchase throughout the summer and fall in four different ways:


We have over fifteen different Dahlia varieties!


Flower Bucket Fridays:

Each Friday, from June 29th to September 15th, ifarm will have twenty seasonal bouquets available for pickup. They must be pre-ordered online (use the button below!) First come will be first served… when the bouquets are gone, we won’t have any more until the next week. Each bouquet will be arranged by our floral designer, Sue McCraine, depending on what is in bloom that particular week.


Floral Bouquet Bars:

Private groups can reserve a space in our carriage house for a fun night of floral design. Your group brings the vases, beer, and wine: ifarm will supply a bright space and a sumptuous selection of flowers for you to create with. We are offering a limited number of Floral Bouquet Bar reservations this year, it is highly recommended to reserve a space early if you are interested.


Customized Bouquets:

Individuals can contact us to order bouquets customized by flower, color, and even by scent! We can handle orders of all sizes.


Wholesale Orders:

Businesses can order our flowers in bulk!


We look forward to sharing beautiful blossoms and summer evenings with you.

Your Friendly Flower Farm,

ifarm LLC