Farm-To-Table for Locavores - ifarm LLC
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Farm-To-Table for Locavores

Two spotted draft horses pulling a hay wagon

Farm-To-Table for Locavores

ifarm is hosting its first farm-to-table dinner this September. We are excited to welcome in the local community: This has been a dream since ifarm was first conceived.

“Slow” Food for Locavores

We will provide an evening with a 19th century pace alongside a table laden with food straight from our region. We love the Slow Food philosophy gaining traction within Farm-To-Table movements. From Slow Food USA, “This is a way of saying no to the rise of fast food and fast life. Slow Food means living an unhurried life, taking time to enjoy simple pleasures, starting at the table.”

The ifarm barn lit from within

The ifarm barn lit from within

Our agricultural system today values bottom lines over human health and ecology. (click for a TED talk on modern agriculture, climate change, and desertification.) For slow food, neither agriculture or life are bottom lines. They are opportunities to produce and consume food in ethical and sustainable ways. One part of that sustainability is our food, but how we eat and who we share our meals is also important.

That’s what we want to offer with our farm-to-table banquet. Come walk in our garden, with its hundreds of plant varieties, and see where your dinner was grown. See the hops ripening on their vines. Meet your neighbors and take a walk in buildings that have been part of this community for hundreds of years. Come get to know us, learn what’s going on, and see what has been accomplished to restore this property to it’s mid nineteenth-century prominence.

Our festive barn

Harbor Sweets, in Salem, and Bensons Homemade Ice Cream will be serving our desserts. Parker River Winery will be offering their wine and our favorite brewery, the Ipswich Ale Brewery, will be there with a tapmobile offering a session beer and an IPA. We will have event tents set up in case of rain.

The Right Way to Roast a Pig

Our main dish is a whole pig, slow-roasted over a rotisserie. This slow rotation allows the juices to spread evenly and the meat to soften, as opposed to a giant grill. The Pig Kahuna will arrive early in the day to begin setting up and will roast the pig for at least eight hours. You will smell the aromas of the feast long before you see it!

The Second Congregational Church of Boxford


Early picture of Second Congregational Church of Boxford

All proceeds to the banquet will go to the Second Congregational Church of Boxford. This church has a history that goes back, like the Towne Family, to the early days of Boxford’s conception.It has been a part of West Boxford since the Massachusetts General Court voted to divide the town into two parishes in 1735. It has seen the changes in the tapestry of this town, including the railroad presence in 1853 and the steep population drop to a mere 581 people in 1925. People traveled to cities when regional farming operations began to outcompete small New England farms like those in Boxford. It was only after WWII and highway building that Boxford became a viable suburb community to Boston. The Second Congregational Church has been a cornerstone of our community for hundreds of years and we are happy to support them!